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Finding Peace After Death

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Teamwork While Grieving

Family and Loved Ones and Grief

Tasks for the Primary Doctor or Hospice Team Leader to assist in creating peace after death:

  • Coordinate care of the body
  • Talk with family and loved ones
  • Assess need for acute medical care
  • Crying may be encouraged verbally and with touch
  • Short term follow up by primary doctor
  • Long term follow up with other providers

Final Rites

Wake planning

  • Music
  • Food
  • Drink
  • Guests

The above may be found in the Memo to Loved Ones: Memo to Loved Ones Concerning My Wishes

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Organ Donation

May involve giving tissues such as the cornea or parts of the heart.

May involve giving organs, such as the heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, intestine or pancreas. Not all patients are suitable organ donors.

Discuss with your doctor and document in your Living Will or Advance Directive.

May be of great comfort to the patient, family and loved ones.

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Even in today's high technology world of medicine, the autopsy often shows a change in diagnosis at the time of death in about half of the patients.

Autopsy may answer family questions and provide genetic information of value to family members that can add to their sense of peace after death.

May help to advance medical knowledge.

It is unclear today who pays for an autopsy. This can be discussed with your doctor. Should be documented in the Living Will.

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Whole Body Donation

Whole body donation, or cadavers, to medical schools helps in the training of the doctors of the future.

May eliminate the cost of a funeral or a cremation, although, the body may still have a funeral or cremation if the patient so desires.

Should be arranged in advance with forms filled out with nearby medical school. Should be documented in the Living Will.

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Mortuary Affairs

Mortuary Affairs: This is greatly facilitated by having a working relationship with a mortician ahead of time.

Funeral Costs can very tremendously. Waiting until the end can result in greatly added costs.

  • Mortician services
  • Mortuary charges
  • Transportation
  • Flowers
  • Caskets
  • Cemetery plots
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It is best to choose a casket ahead of time to avoid pressure to buy expensive models that don't benefit the deceased or the family and loved ones

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