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Review of Health Care Insurance

  • Medicare/Medicaid
  • VA
  • Private

Review of Long Term Health Care Insurance

Review of Catastrophic Coverage

Review of Life and Disability Insurance

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Kinds of Coverage

Review your need for long term care insurance.

  • Most Americans believe they have this coverage through Medicare, which is incorrect!
  • This coverage is inexpensive if started when you are young and in good health.

Review your need for catastrophic health care coverage

  • Unlike long term care coverage mentioned above, catastrophic care coverage refers to acute care until hospital discharge.

Understanding Long-Term Care Insurance

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Review Life Insurance Coverage

Long term needs

  • How many people depend on your earnings?
  • How much money will dependents need and for how long?

Short term needs

  • What assets will be available to take care of dependents immediate needs?
  • How long will your estate be tied up after death?
  • Will your estate owe substantial debts and taxes?
  • If you have a business, how much money will be needed to operate it until your estate is settled?
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Disability Coverage

  • Applicable if you are still working to provide a portion of your compensation in the event you are disabled.
  • Review need for disability insurance.
  • Disability insurance is available in short and long term options.
  • Determine percentage of compensation required.
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